Wednesday's Golf Challenge FINAL

Date of competition

07. 11. 2022.

Form of competition

Application deadline

The day before the competition until 12:00.

Detailed information


It will be held in accordance with the R&A rules, the Competition Rules of the Hungarian Golf Association and the local rules of the Birdland Golf&Country Club during the competition. 

Rules of the golf course

Any Hungarian amateur golfer, who complies with point 1 of Annex 2 to the Compatition Rules (VSZM2) and any amateur golfer registered abroad who complies with point 2 of Annes 2 to the Competition Rules (VSZM2) are eligible to enter. 

Stroke 36 EHCP
Male A 18,4 EHCP
Male B 18,5 - 36 EHCP
Women 36 EHCP
Seniorok 36 EHCP
Juniorok 36 EHCP
Masters Men 36 EHCP

We reserve the right to make modification. 

Prizes per tournament: 
  • Stroke Play- 1-3. runner up 
  • Stroke-HCP
  • Men “A” group - 1-3. runner up 
  • Férfi “B” group - 1-3. runner up 
  • Women group - 1-3. runner up
  • Senior Men - 1-3. runner up
  • Senior Women - 1-3. runner up
  • Junior group - 1-3. runner up
  • Masters Men - 1-3. runner up
  • Men's Miscellaneour - 1-3. runner up
  • Women's Miscellaneous - 1-3. runner u

Should there be an all square for any placement, the better overall results of the last 36, 18, 9, 6, 3, 1 stages will decide. If there is still an all square, the Competition Committee will decide on the additional procedure to be used (eg. dismantling, tossing money, allowing the tie.)


The startlist of the tournament will be published in the GOLFiGO system no later than 15:00 the day before the tournament (all players involved will receive an automatic email notification from the system about the publication).

Start of the competition (TEE OFF)

At 09.00 from TEE 1 and 10, then at 10 minutes intervals 

Results announcement

In the next Classic round.

Entry fees include
  • 50% discounted green fee for the practice day
  • participation in the competition
  • 1x Snack "starter" package
Entry fees
For non-hotel guests: 
Club member adult 5.290 HUF
Club member junior 5.290 HUF
Non-member adult 20.790 HUF
Non-member junior 13.140 HUF
Non-member senior 18.495 HUF
For hotel guests:  
Club member adult 5.290 HUF
Club member junior 5.290 HUF
Non-member adult 20.790 HUF
Non-member junior 13.140 HUF
Non-member senior 18.495 HUF

Prices are for information only and we reserve the right to make change!