Golf Academy

Get to know the world of Golf!

The golf course is not only recommended for professional players, the proximity of the course is also an excellent option for those who simply want to try the game. Our hotel offers various golf tasting programs for guests, so everyone can get a taste from the magic of golf.

Our qualified golf instructor welcomes all golfers who would like to get acquainted with the golf experience and its special atmosphere.

For beginners

Golf courses for beginners
Tasting golf for at least 2 people (30 minutes of track, 50 minutes of education) 12 000 HUF / person
For children under 12 years old (30% discount) 8 400 HUF / person
Individual education in 50 minutes (1-2 person) 17 900 HUF 
Individual education in 50 minutes (3-4 person) 26 900 HUF
The golf course using fees (HCP 54)
Golf course using fees (min. 3 people max. 4 people) 171 450 HUF

Contains the following training courses, which is group education with a maximum of 6 participants:

  1. description of the full swing with short irons,
  2. description of the full swing with wooden rackets,
  3. practice of pitching,
  4. practice of putting, chipping,
  5. knowledge of the rules, getting acquainted with the golf course,
  6. repeating and practicing full swing,
  7. full swing with wooden rackets,
  8. repeating pitching,
  9. game in the Championship 18-hole golf course 2-4 stages depending on speed,
  10. after the game, issuing a certificate of eligibility.

For professionals

Education packages for golfers with HCP
1-2 person 4x50 min. 17 900 HUF 
3-4 people 4x50 min. 26 900 HUF 
Education for golfers with HCP
Individual lesson 50 min., 1-2 person 17 900 HUF 
Individual lesson 50 min., 3-4 people 26 900 HUF 
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