Birdland Golf Country Club

Our golf course is located in the heart of Europe, in the popular Western Hungarian resort of Bükfürdő. Our goal is to promote and maintain golf and to provide pleasant relaxation and pastime for all our guests in the picturesque surroundings.

We are determined to achieve this goal through high-quality services and the creation of conditions that provide refreshment and relaxation.

Since the formation of Birdlang Golf & Country Cub on May 24, 1991, has occupied an important place in the colorful palette of the hungarian golf life. The first 18-hole championship golf course in Hungary was the first to host prestigious domestic and international tournaments, where it hosted several amateur and professional golfers from the surrounding countries. We believe that whoever builds the future must also cherish the past, so every event of the last 30 years is a milestone in the life of the club. The renewal of the past period further helps our efforts to introduce the beauties of golf to the widest possible audience, both to those interested and to beginner golfers.

The symbiosis between Birdland Golf & country club and Greenfield Golf Course is also the key to a decision that will further support the achievement of the goals set in the future.

Greenfield Golf Hungary's first 18-hole Championship golf course opened and the Birdland Golf & Country Club was formed. Bükfürdő is a perfect spot for playing golf, because of the Pannonian climate and the idyllic countryside offers the best conditions for an enjoyable golf game and spending your free time pleasantly and actively.

After years of preparation and designing the resort developement next to the golf course was completed and an exclusive 207-room hotel opened and a Villapark was also created next to the golf course.

The Hungarian Golf Alliance gave the „Club manager of the year” award this year to a pillar member of our team, our club manager Erzsébet Papp received it, which is a great recognition for both our golf club and our hotel.

As a result of complex renovation work, the track started the path of complete rebirth :new irrigation system, renovation of the greens, renew the play places and forest cleaning. This year we are celebrateing the 30-year existence of our golf course, so it is an especially great joy that this year our guests can enjoy this sport in a wonderful environment and on a high quality golf course.